About Me

Hi i'm Stuart, a Glasgow based photographer who specialises in portraits with a slight twist, I am also a qualified Hairdresser and Makeup Artist and using those skills love to do something quite avante-garde . I do try to keep manipulation to a minimum unless there is something different wanted .. rather Itry to keep all changes within those that could be done within a traditional darkroom. I have attended a couple of courses within Metropolitan college in Glasgow specialising in portraiture and lighting techniques. They taught me to look at people differently and thus creating my own 'style' I tend to take portraits which I hope have something that appeals and shows the inner person.

I am quite outgoing (some have said daft) person who will try to put you at ease as getting your picture taken can be a nerve wracking experience for some people - a cuppa tea and a chat can help; In this we can exchange ideas and make sure you get the pictures you want. If anything a little unusual composition or content wise is required then most can be accommodated within reason. Don't worry I'm not easily shocked...